Ben Tillett Audio

Below is the audio from Jim McNeil's talk about Ben Tillett at Hydra Books. The talk an operturnity for Jim to launch his new pamphlet about Ben Tileltt. To find out more about this pamphlet, and all our pamphlets, take a look at the Publications Page. Part 1 [audio:] Part 2 [audio:]

Quaker Pamphlet

At last weekend's Bristol Anarchist Bookfair we launched the latest Bristol Radical Pamphleteer publication entitled The Peculiar History Of The Sect Known As The Quakers by Jim McNeill. Who were the Quakers? Why were they persecuted? Why did they stop being radical? How did some of Bristol’s Quakers become so rich? From James Naylor’s blasphemous ride down Corn Street to William Penn being given Pennsylvania and Abraham Darby laying the foundations of the Industrial Revolution. This is the […]

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