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Off With Their Heads

Spring 2009 Programme

The enemy Without

Date: Monday 15th June
Venue: The Cube, Dove Street South
Time: Doors Open 7:30pm
Price: £3/4

Speakers: Robin S (Workers Climate Action), John Cunningham (writer for Metamute), Emma Stone (CCS expert), Tyrone O'Sullivan (Ex miner and union, Tower Colliery), Will B

As a follow up to the history of the 1984-85 Miners’ Strike we consider the legacy of this momentous event and the environmental and social contradictions it has thrown up since. A panel of experts will talk about little known past struggles which transcended the current narrative of 'jobs versus environment' and debate contemporary struggles over energy and labour. As the eco-systemic crisis increases what is the future of coal? If there needs to be a move to a low carbon economy how do we work towards a 'transition' on our terms rather than that of global Capital?

This event is a BRHG and Bristol Indymedia collaboration.

The Enemy Without: The miner's Strike Flyer
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