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Off With Their Heads

Spring 2009 Programme

John Gregory

Date: Tuesday 12th May
Venue: Sublime - Uptairs Room, King Steet
Time: 7:30pm
Price: Donation

Bideford-born shoemaker, John Gregory (1831-1922) wrote poetry, was a pioneer trade unionist, socialist, peace activist and poet. Through his life and work it is possible to trace working-class political thought from Chartism through Radicalism to Socialism. Admired for his trade union work by Ernest Bevin and Ben Tillet and for his poetry by both Tennyson and H G Wells, the time has come for him to be rediscovered. Biographer Gerrard Sables talks about Gregory’s life, his works and his relevance today, interspersed by readings of his most evocative poems.

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