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Off With Their Heads

Summer 2010

Political Football
Meanings and Mystery at the World Cup

Date: Monday 31st May 2010
Venue: Bristol West Indies, 65 Gordon Road, BS5 7DR
Time: 7:30pm
Price: Donation
Speakers: David Goldblatt.

The World Cup Finals, now 80 years old, attracts the biggest television audience of any global event. In an era of globalization, it is, if only for a month every four years, the closest we come to imagining and being a global community. It’s the kind of audience no state, no political movement can turn down and since the Uruguayans celebrated the centenary of national independence by hosting the 1930 tournament, politics has been in play at every game. David Goldblatt (author of The Ball Is Round) will explore the political history and cultural meanings of the World Cup and look forward to what we might expect when the 2010 tournament kicks off in South Africa in June.

Accompanied by a film of the 1938 World Cup.

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