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Devil Making Love

The devil making love to a witch

Riding Witches

Witch riding to the sabbath

Witches Riding

Wizard riding to the sabbath


Demons riding to the sabbath

From Ulrich Molitor's Von den unholden une hexan. Constance, 1489


Worlock riding to the witches sabbeth.

Witches Brewing

Witches brewing up a hailstorm. (title page)


Witch 'inoculating' a man by shooting a twig through his foot .

From Ulrich Molitor's De lanijs et phitonicis mulieribus. Printed by Cornelius de Zierikzee. Cologne, 1489.
Witch's Brew

Witches' Brew. From Abraham Saur's Ein Kurtze Treue Warning
(A Short, True, Warning). Printed at Frankfurt, 1582.


Satan (Pluto) holding court for newly annointed witches. From Gerard d'Euphrates' Livre de l' histoir & ancienne cronique. Printed by E. Groulleau. Paris 1549.

Witches Brewing

Witches concocting an ointment to be used for flying to the sabbath. By Hans Baldung. Strassburg, 1514.


The enchanter Merlin, magician of King Arthur's Round Table, meeting the fair Viviane in the Forest of Broceliande. After an Enameled book cover, Limoges, early 15th Century.

Four Witches

The four witches.

Witch Riding The Devil

Witch riding on the Devil's
he-goat to the Walpurgisnacht,
goaded on by amoretti.

Both by Albrecht Dürer.

Witches Celebrating

Witches celebrating.


Witch turned traveller atacking travellers.

Both woodcuts by Hans Weiditz from Dr. Johann Geiler von Kaysersburg's Die Emeis. Printed by Johann Grüninger.
Strassburg, 1517.

Devil With Witch

The Devil carrying a witch off to hell.

The Sorcerer Gilbert

The sorcerer Gilbert shackled by the worlock Catillum on the isle of Weterlacus.

Selling Wind

Sorcerer selling a bag of wind.

Riding Waves

Sorcerer riding the waves on a peice of floatsam.

Selling Wind

Witch cunjuring demons.

Riding Waves

Witch brewing up a storm.

From Olaus Magnus' Historia de gentibus septentrionalibus. Rome 1555.

Satan rebaptising young scorcerers.

Black Magic

Scorcerers exchanging the bible for a book of black magic.

Apprentice Sorcerer

Satan applying his claw mark to an apprentice sorcerer.

Kissing Satan

Witch giving the ritual kiss to satan.

From G. P. Guaccius' Compendium Maleficarum. Milan, 1626.
Macbeth Witches

Macbeth and the three witches (Act IV, Scene I).
From N. Rowe's first illustrated edition of william Shakespear's works. Printed by Tonson, London 1709.


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