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Down With The Fences

Down With The Fences


Date:Sunday 4th May 2008
Venue: The Cube Microplex, Dove St. South off King Square.
Time: 7.30pm
Price: £2/£3 (The Cube is a members only cinema and you will need to pay a £1 lifetime membership on your first visit).

The New Enclosures

Speaker: George Caffentzis

Enclosures are always "new," because once capital separates us from the means of subsistence in one part of our lives, we struggle to reunite with these means some place else (and at times succeed!). Capital then attempts to separate us from our new connection with the means of subsistence. Separation and union, are as essential to class struggle as demanding higher wages. In this talk George Caffentzis will discuss the current "housing crisis" in the US as an example of a "new enclosure" and in the process will draw a synoptic picture of the class forces in the US.

My Holiday Snaps: The Indian Enclosures

Speaker: Rich Grove

A talk illustrated with photographs from 2000, charting the Adivasi’s and Dalits' struggle to protect their land from the encroachments sponsored by the World Bank. The Adivasi are the tribal people who are geographically inside India while largely remaining politically, economically and culturally outside. Dalit is that name that the lowest cast in the Hindu system choose to call themselves, the upper casts call the 'untouchables'. Expect dams, mines and National Parks.

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