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Down With The Fences

Down With The Fences

The Real Engalnd

Date: Sunday 11th May
Venue:Bridewell Police Station, Entrance on Silver Street.
Time: 7:30pm
Price: Donation.

Justice In The Barrios

Speaker: Juan

The Movement for Justice in El Barrio (MJB) was founded in New York by immigrants and low-income people of color fighting back against the effects of neo-liberalism and discrimination in all of its forms. The organisation operates on a commitment to the ideals of self-determination, autonomy and participatory democracy emphasizing their connection to the Zapatista’s ‘Other Campaign’.

Driven by multi-national corporations and profit-seeking landlords and facilitated by city officials, gentrification has swept New York causing the grand-scale displacement of low-income people of colour and immigrants from our communities. Over the last three years the MJB have been successfully fighting against this displacement. Juan a member of the MJB is on a UK tour to outline their tactics, organization and vision, in order to raise consciousness around the struggle against gentrification.

The event will include short films concerning the MJB’s grassroots participatory democracy, the struggle against gentrification and their connections to the Zapatistas in Mexico.

This event had to be cancelled due to the speaker being detained by British imigration.

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