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Down With The Fences

Down With The Fences

Magna Carta

Date: Thursday 1st May 2008
Venue: The Cube Microplex, Dove St. South off King Square.
Time: 7.30pm
Price: £2/£3 (The Cube is a members only cinema and you will need to pay a £1 lifetime membership on your first visit).

The Magna Carta Manifesto: Liberties And Commons For All

Speaker: Peter Linebaugh

Think you know about the Magna Carta? Peter Linebaugh’s new book lifts the lid on the true importance of both the Magna Carta and its lesser known, but equally as important counterpart, the Forest Charter, which safeguarded the rights of the commoners. Ranging across the centuries, and from England to Asia, Africa and the Americas, Linebaugh shows us the contested history of Magna Carta — how the liberties it invoked were secured and (as today) violated, and how generations of ordinary men and women tried to revive the idea of the commons in the hope of building a better world.

Magna Carta
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