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Bristol Radical History Week 2006: Speakers

The following speakers participated in Bristol Radical History Week 2006.

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Peter Linebaugh: Professor of History at the University of Toledo (USA) and the author of the seminal works The London Hanged:Crime and Civil Society in 18th Century England and The Many Headed Hydra: Sailors, Slaves, Commoners and the Hidden History of the Revolutionary Atlantic.

Madge Dresser: Lecturer in History at the University of the West of England and 18th century expert. Currently researching a lottery funded project on one thousand and one years of ethnic minorities in Bristol and the legacies of slavery in London and Bristol. Author of Slavery Obscured: The Social History of the Slave Trade in an English Provincial Port c. 1698-c.1833 and The Diary of Sarah Fox.

Richard Hart: Key figure in the politics of the Caribbean of the 20th century. Trade Union and political activist in Jamaica, Guyana and Attorney General of Grenada; a post he held until the American invasion in 1983. As an academic, Richard Hart taught at Northwestern University, USA, and has also been a visiting lecturer at a number of Canadian and American universities, the University of Guyana, University of Havana, University of the West Indies in Jamaica and Trinidad and the University of Paris. He has continued to be a prolific author and speaker on Caribbean history, politics and economics.

Steve Poole: Lecturer in History at the University of West of England. Teaches the history of popular movements in Britain from the mid 18th to the mid 19th centuries and 'feels an irrational attachment to the Romantic enthusiasm of the English Jacobins'. His book The Politics of Regicide in England,1760-1850 has just been published.

Edson Burton: Academic, writer and storyteller, Dr Burton has taught a range of Black History courses at university and has worked tirelessly to promote awareness of African Diaspora history and culture at a grass roots level

Mike Jay: Author of the recent history of the Despard conspiracy in The Unfortunate Colonel Despard and The Air Loom Gang: The Strange and True Story of James Tilly Matthews and His Visionary Madness. Currently researching radical Bristol in the 1790s.

Jonathan Barry: Head of School and Senior Lecturers in History at the University of Exeter on provincial society and culture in England from 1500 to 1840, on towns, and on religious and medical history, including the history of witchcraft with particular emphasis on Bristol and the South West.

Niklas Frykman: Ph.D. student in the History Department at the University of Pittsburgh (USA). Currently researching a dissertation entitled The Wooden World Turned Upside Down: Naval Mutinies in the Age of Atlantic Revolution.

Mike Manson: Writer and researcher. Author of Riot! - The Bristol Bridge Massacre of 1793. He also wrote the definitive history of South Bristol: Bristol Beyond the Bridge. He has just completed his first novel Where's My Money? set in a dole office in Bristol in the 1970s.

David Cullum: Captain of record breaking Easton Cowboys 2nd XI cricket team, connoisseur of fine ciders and author of Society and Economy in West Cornwall c1588-1750 (Exeter University, PhD thesis, 1994).

Steve Mills: Local historian and researcher of the Kingswood Colliers and the Cock Rd. Gang. He is a West Ham United fan and will therefore receive preferential treatment.

Ruth Symister: Head of Year at Whitefield School, Bristol. Passionate advocate of the Atlantic seafaring novel as the clue to a hidden multi-racial past.

Mark Steeds: Member of the Long John Silver Trust, local historian and purveyor of fine ales in Hawkesbury, Upton.

Dave Backwith: Researcher of Bristol working class history in the interwar years particularly 1919 and the unemployed workers movement in the 1930's.

Johnny Evans: Eye witness to the 1980 St. Pauls riot.

Ian Bone: Editor of The Bristolian and once called the most dangerous man in Britain. His eagerly awaited memoirs will be published in October 2006.

Brian Perry: Local historian and expert on Quaker history especially James Naylor.

Jonathan Harlow: PhD student and tutor at the University of West of England. Currently researching a thesis on the life and times of Thomas Speed, an early Bristol Quaker.

Phil Dickinson: Local historian and expert on Dorothy Hazzard.

Chris Brian: Local historian working on West Country slavery (700-1150).

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